Delightful Construction,
Made To Live

We develop the Construction of your project, applying the fundamental principles of successful Construction. The Arc Home team elevates Construction buildings with unique flair by adding a touch of creativity.
From your imagination to reality
We find solutions for your needs while minding the environment and putting safety and functionality as a priority of the project sustaining aesthetics.
Our team of designers and architects will guide you through architectural design styles to help you choose the most suitable one for your project.
From the very first stage of architectural design identifying your space needs, analyzing the site,

We create a clear plan of your project design at each stage.Sea House Architects will develop the design concept including interior architecture, exterior design with detailed floor plans and elevations.
In addition to developing the architectural design, our team also prepares the drawing and construction documents for your project. We offer project management and supervision during the execution of your project.
The architectural design process is very complex, but with an experienced team like Arc Home, you can be sure that your project will be delivered according to your expectations without worrying about the details.
Sea House Construction provides architectural residential design, commercial design, hospitality, education, and master planning services.

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